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"No! Not Princess How!" answered the old woman, losing the last shred of self-restraint; but Princess Che-che-vin-ski! Princess Anna Chechevinski!"

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Woodgate groaned. Was he obliged to appear? His jaw fell, and his wife's eyes sparkled.

"I saw you," I answered.

He pointed to a narrow turning some dozen yards ahead, apparently the entrance to a mews or yard and closed by a pair of massive wooden gates.

"And you will try to get those things, won't you?" pleaded Löwe.

"I had no suspicions of anyone."

plans of Louis Lacombe are now the property of foreign power, and


2.After a moment, Lupin continued, in a low voice:

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"I should say it is a miniature shell or explosive bullet."

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But what were those cards? What game was he playing? Who held the stakes? And how did the players stand on either side? Lupin could not tell. Knowing nothing, he flung himself headlong into the thick of the fray, between adversaries desperately involved, though he himself was in total ignorance of their positions, their weapons, their resources and their secret plans. For, when all was said, he could not admit that the object of all those efforts was to obtain possession of a crystal stopper!



“It is strange,” he said, with a shudder, followed by the biggest sip of brandy-and-water he had taken yet. “It must have been horrible—horrible!” he added to himself, his dark eyes staring into the fire.