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"Then where does he live?"

Chapter 10. Extract from the Diary of Dr. Watson

And did he not? Langholm stood still in the scented dusk as he asked his heart of hearts the point-blank question. And it was a crisper step that he resumed, with a face more radiant than before.

"It looks to me like an undoubted case of criminal poisoning," I continued.

“Where does he live?”

"Doesn't that method sometimes involve a good deal of wasted time and energy?" I asked.

"You would tell him, of course?"

"This is a hard experience, Hornby," said Thorndyke, when we three were, for a few moments, left apart from the others; and as he spoke the warmth of a really sympathetic nature broke through his habitual impassivity. "But be of good cheer; I have convinced myself of your innocence and have good hopes of convincing the world—though this is for your private ear, you understand, to be mentioned to no one."


2.“No, but she can have put her arm through and drawn the bolts.”


"No, I have not," I replied. "The disease is nothing more than a name to me. But why do you ask? Has Mr. Graves been abroad?"

牛市的气息:创业板指涨超2%突破2300点 创4年来新高

美国将孔院列管为外国使团 外交部:保留作出进一步反应的权利

上半年全国城镇新增就业人员564万人 完成全年目标62.7%


"What is it you want?" asked the mistress of the house dryly; she had followed her visitor in, and planted herself in front of him to examine him more closely.