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Rector Soren Quist of Veilbye came to see me this morning. He has a new coachman, Niels Bruus, brother to the owner of Ingvorstrup. Neils is lazy and impertinent. The rector wanted him arrested, but he had no witnesses to back up his complaint. I advised him to get rid of the man somehow, or else to get along with him the best he could until the latter's time was up. The rector was somewhat hasty at first, but later on he listened calmly and thanked me for my good advice. He is inclined to be violent at times, but can always be brought to listen to reason. We parted good friends.

"He may have followed him through the pantry window," I suggested wildly.

“By Jingo! There’s not much of it, but what there is is pucka! There’s nothing the matter with this representative of the people in the question of taste. Four Aubusson chairs... A bureau signed ‘Percier-Fontaine,’ for a wager... Two inlays by Gouttieres... A genuine Fragonard and a sham Nattier which any American millionaire will swallow for the asking: in short, a fortune... And there are curmudgeons who pretend that there’s nothing but faked stuff left. Dash it all, why don’t they do as I do? They should look about!”


"Could the injury have been self-inflicted?"

"What does this mean?" asked the young man.

"What will you give me on this watch, Alena Ivanovna?"

“Once you submit it, it will be accepted.”


2.“Not a sou. Now, leave me alone.”


深圳加速推进新基建 8月底将实现5G全覆盖


"I see. He must be a very capable fellow."

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