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Suffice it to say, they murdered every one, women and children, with the most refined and brutal cruelty, and then threw their dead bodies out of the window from which Barnabas had dashed down the iron fragments on the besiegers' heads.

"And is she not going to see that poor fellow?" he asked.

"Never; though I won't say he mightn't have been if things had panned out differently, and he had gone back to Westralia with some capital. Meanwhile he had the run of my office, and that was all."

And the morrow it really was.

“But only one of them was a wilful murderer! Oh, Mr. Cole—Mr. Cole—go and see what has happened; come back and tell me! I dare not come. I will stay here and pray for strength to bear whatever news you may bring me. Go quickly. I will—wait—and pray!”

"I am going to Weybridge this morning," he said shortly, holding the "flimsy" out to me. "Shall you come?"

"How do you know that?" I asked.

chapter 2

1.“Gilbert?” she asked, greatly concerned.

2."I know," replied Thorndyke. "But why this reference to an admitted fact?"



Half an hour later they reached the sunken track and began to scramble down it on foot beside the wooded slopes. The Seine, which was very low at this time of day, was lapping against a little jetty near which lay a worm-eaten, mouldering boat, full of puddles of water.

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