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The "urgent call"—the instant, peremptory summons to professional duty—is an experience that appertains to the medical rather than the legal practitioner, and I had supposed, when I abandoned the clinical side of my profession in favour of the forensic, that henceforth I should know it no more; that the interrupted meal, the broken leisure, and the jangle of the night-bell, were things of the past; but in practice it was otherwise. The medical jurist is, so to speak, on the borderland of the two professions, and exposed to the vicissitudes of each calling, and so it happened from time to time that the professional services of my colleague or myself were demanded at a moment's notice. And thus it was in the case that I am about to relate.


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“Let us say ten, or even five—that is enough! They have a safe full of bonds, and there will be the devil to pay if I can’t get my hands on them.”

"Nothing of the kind," answered Thorndyke. "That is the genuine solution."

Mr. Edmunds would not support the 4th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Articles, being "wholly unsustained by proof," but would support the 11th, though apparently doubtful of its efficiency.

"Well, we can talk about it then, batuchka."

1."The very servants are giving notice, one by one!"



【天风研究】信用债从调整到恢复 需要考虑什么?

数据应该如何定价 先定产权还是先定价格

"After him, after him!" they exclaimed as one.


国企改革三年行动方案获通过  强调国有企业功能地位

"I'm his medical man, and I—"