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"Don't talk so loud," they were crying below their breath; "don't wake 'em upstairs, this is our show."

M. L.

“Must I explain to you what steps the authorities have taken in the matter?”

Some were watching me, it seemed, across this hell. “The bulwarks!” they screamed. “Walk along the bulwarks!” I held up my hand in token that I heard and understood and meant to act. And as I did their bidding I noticed what indeed had long been apparent to idler eyes: the wind was not; we had lost our southeast trades; the doomed ship was rolling in a dead calm.

"I don't quite see how you arrive at that," I said, in some surprise.

The question was decided to be admissible, and the answer was "yes."

1."M. de Lourtier, it may be noted that, if a number of persons are brought together in any transaction, or crime, or public scandal or what not, they are almost invariably described in the same way. On this occasion, the newspapers never mentioned anything more than their surnames in speaking of Madame Ladoue, Mlle. Ardent or Mlle. Covereau. On the other hand, Mlle. Vernisset and Miss Williamson were always described by their Christian names as well: Honorine and Hermione. If the same thing had been done in the case of all the six victims, there would have been no mystery."

2.original plans, until one day, being satisfied with the perfection

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"Well, I'm coming with you. Yes, the expedition fascinates me. I think it will be very amusing and I like being mixed up in this sort of thing.—Besides, my help will be of use to you. Look, here's something to start with."



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The Sergeant-at-arms will make proclamation.