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“Of course it was.”

“But it is a very singular thing,” Dr. Mortimer remarked. “I searched this room carefully before lunch.”

Tears streamed down the poor lad’s cheeks and he stammered a few inarticulate sentences. But, when the judge repeated his question, he succeeded in mastering himself and replied, in a trembling voice:

Langholm set down the glass and replenished it. The night had fallen without. The single candle in the farthest corner supplied the only light; in it the one man sat, and the other lay, their eyes locked.

On this particular evening, at the reception given at the Palais de Castille, the Countess achieved a remarkable success; and King Christian, in whose honor the fête was given, commented on her grace and beauty. The thousand facets of the diamond sparkled and shone like flames of fire about her shapely neck and shoulders, and it is safe to say that none but she could have borne the weight of such an ornament with so much ease and grace.

1.“We can’t lay our hands on it. And I was thinking... There’s a cupboard with a big lock to it in the pantry... You see, we can’t very well...” He was already on his way to the villa. Vaucheray ran back too.



房企半年考:头部占有率再提升 三线房企焦虑

"Your excellency, I beg of you to take care of yourself!" the doctor was beginning, evidently quite familiar with the general's family affairs, and therefore dreading the meeting of husband and wife. "It is not Anna Iurievna. . . ."


国际资本流入有助于跨境资金平衡 外储规模稳定有支撑


“Are you sure?”