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"Madame is in the drawing-room, with her mother," said the maid who opened the door.


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“Yes, yes. But why?”

"I am going," he said, "to ask you a few questions which may appear rather trifling, but you must remember that my methods of inquiry concern themselves with persons and things rather than with documents. For instance, I have not gathered very completely what sort of person your uncle Jeffrey was. Could you tell me a little more about him?"

"If you don't know where he lives in the country," he burst out, "where is he staying in town?"

"Why—who is it?"

But the idea stopped him. With a quick movement, he examined the pocket-book:

We were interrupted by the sound of the door-bell.


2."At this minute his pulse beats a hundred and twelve. You have a day left, Mr. Gardener. But not back. We don't go back. Never!"



紫光学大股票交易异常波动 学大教育线下教学曾出现停滞

“Pile up these chairs, and as many more as we may need, if we can't open the gate.”

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"Why do you ask?" the newcomer demanded gruffly.

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