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"I notice," he remarked presently, "a number of chips scattered about between the rails, and some of the chair-wedges look new. Have there been any platelayers at work lately?"

“Hollowed by myself, as well as the knife.”

"I knew a Mr. H. Weiss some years ago. He came from Bremen, I remember."

1.“Thrown there by Stapleton in his flight.”


被问新冠肺炎疫情期间为何不戴口罩 俄总理:我有了抗体

possession? That is a question not yet determined; nor do we know


“Yes,” I said, “I only came down from London yesterday. I find the spot so delightful that I haven't bothered much about the sport. Still, I've had about enough of it now.” And I prepared to take my rod to pieces.

遭遇二次冲击、海外需求萎缩 但中国的机会来了…

Commenting upon one of my earlier novels, in respect of which I had claimed to have been careful to adhere to common probabilities and to have made use only of really practicable methods of investigation, a critic remarked that this was of no consequence whatever, so long as the story was amusing.

坚持市场化 完善创业板上市公司并购重组制度

"Is there anything known that accounts for the change in his habits?"


"What is his profession?"