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In front of his door, which she could never remem-ber having seen closed, Oedipa stood hipshot awhile, questioning her own sanity. Why hadn't she split out through Blamm's window and read about the rest of it in the paper?

The stud-farm being described, the introduction to Hardyman’s sister follows in due course.


Smith studied continuously. His lamp was[Pg 75] lighted at five every morning, he was always in bed at ten at night; but between these two periods, except for the time inevitably wasted on meals and devoted to school exercises, he plodded unweariedly at his books. And did he accomplish great things? I wish I could answer yes. I would not willingly detract one jot from the value of habits of industry. They are rough diamonds which Young America is too prone to throw aside for the flashing brilliants of smartness and wit. But the truth must be spoken. Smith's industry earned no apparent dividends. With the gift of great perseverance, nature had also bestowed on him a very thick head, through which ideas soaked but slowly. He rarely got a conception right without having first tried all the possibilities of error. His influence was ambiguous: some jeered at him as an example of the ineffectualness of grinding; others, among whom was Owen, felt a kind of reproof in the patient, untiring, undiscourageable zeal of this oft-discomfited drudge. To most who knew him he was merely "Grinder Smith."

“I’ll say,” she snapped.

The most significant thing of this kind happened when I wasdriving a car. I’ve given up my driver’s license now, but all throughmy driving days I was a good, stable driver, and the car was alwaysunder my control. This time I was driving somebody else’s car overa road that was not finished yet. Coming down an incline, there wasa traffic light at the end of the road where you had to turn either oneway or the other. Cars were turning both ways, and turning up on tothe road past me. I naturally put my foot on the brake when I saw thelight was red, but I had no brakes! I grabbed for the emergency. I hadno emergency. I thought if I could put the car into reverse it wouldstop, although this would tear it to pieces. I attempted to get it intoreverse but it wouldn’t go. Ahead of me I saw a station wagon withtwo little children looking out of the back window. I had to stop thecar! I couldn’t turn to the left—there was a rock wall there—andcars were coming up thick and fast.There was a rock wall to the rightwith a ditch, and my little finite mind said, “Take to the ditch, sideswipethe rock wall. It’ll stop the car. It’ll tear it up, but it will stopit.” I was not able to do that. This was the only time in my life when acar was taken out of my control. The car turned to the left, wentbetween two cars, and went up a little dirt road on an incline, whichof course stopped the car. I didn’t know the dirt road was there. Icouldn’t possibly see it.


  "Some people say so for you.""There are many insolent people," she said, with delightfulhaughtiness.

"They're big enough in all conscience, but I don't mind seeing any hand-irons. There's some rubbishy old brass firedogs and fixings."

1.  王良森说,因克州与喀什相邻,喀什地区疏附县发生疫情后,按照自治区疫情防控工作指挥部工作部署,我们分别于10月27日、10月31日完成了克州第一轮和第二轮全州全员免费核酸检测。在第二轮核酸检测中,阿克陶县与疏附县相邻的喀热开其克乡和皮拉勒乡发现无症状感染者15例。为了迅速有效切断传播途径、消除疫情传播风险,我们于11月1日起对阿克陶县开展第三轮全员免费核酸检测。截至3日0时30分,阿克陶县完成了第三轮全员免费核酸检测,检测结果均为阴性。

2.Most of the Cattleyas with which the public is familiar—Mossi?, Trian?, Mendellii, and so forth—have white varieties; but an example absolutely pure is so uncommon that it fetches a long price. Loveliest of these is C. Skinneri alba. For generations, if not for ages, the people of Costa Rica have been gathering every morsel they can find, and planting it upon the roofs of their mud-built churches. Roezl and the early collectors had a "good time," buying these semi-sacred flowers from the priests, bribing the parishioners to steal them, or, when occasion served, playing the thief themselves. But the game is nearly up. Seldom now can a piece of Cat. Skinneri alba be obtained by honest means, and when a collector arrives guards are set upon the churches that still keep their decoration. No plant has ever been found in the forest, we understand.


If, however, one were to urge this solemnly, Mr. Haldane’s friends could easily reply that he only gave us such examples on account of the hardness of our hearts. He knew full well their imperfection, but he hoped that to those who would not spontaneously ascend to the Notion of the Totality, these cases might prove a spur and suggest and symbolize something better than themselves. No particular case that can be brought forward is a real concrete. They are all abstractions from the Whole, and of course the “through-and-through “ character can not be found in them. Each of them still contains among its elements what we call things, grammatical subjects, forming a sort of residual caput mortuum of Existence after all the relations that figure in the examples have been told off. On this “‘existence,” thinks popular philosophy, things may live on, like-the winter bears on their own fat, never entering relations at all, or, if entering them, entering an entirely different set of them from those treated of in Mr. Haldane’s examples. Thus if the digitalis were to weaken instead of strengthening the heart, and to produce death (as sometimes happens), it would determine itself, through determining the organism, to the function of “kill” instead of that of “cure.” The function and relation seem adventitious, depending on what kind of a heart the digitalis gets hold of, the digitalis and the heart being facts external and, so to speak, accidental to each other. But this popular view, Mr. Haldane’s friends will continue, is an illusion. What seems to us the “existence “ of digitalis and heart outside of the relations of killing or curing, is but a function in a wider system of relations, of which, pro hac vice, we take no account. The larger system determines the existence just as absolutely as the system “kill,” or the system “cure,” determined the function of the digitalis. Ascend to the absolute system, instead of biding with these relative and partial ones, and you shall see that the law of through-and-throughness must and does obtain.



In 1604 the Guy Fawkes conspiracy necessitated a fresh batch of captives being lodged in the Tower, and during our visit to the dungeons beneath the White Tower we shall learn something of their fate, and of the fate, also, of another prisoner of this period, Sir Thomas Overbury, poisoned in the Bloody Tower. Felton, the rogue responsible for the assassination of Buckingham, had bought the knife with which he did the deed on Tower Hill at a booth there. He was brought to the Tower on his arrest and confined until the day of his hanging at Tyburn. They were not always, however, political offences that filled the Tower cells at this period; a private quarrel was the cause of Lords Arundel and Spencer being given quarters in the prison, and Lord Audley was beheaded on Tower Hill in 1631 for committing crimes which were so revolting as to encourage the belief that he was insane.{73}


She sat down, and fanned herself with her mask, and, looking haughtily round the room, finally fixed her gaze, with much interest, upon the left branch of the chandelier.


[pg 195]

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