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‘No; I have never heard of him.’

One reverence still the untainted race inspires,

“I need your help,” Serena said, squeezing Blair's arm. Blair kept her body stiff until Serena let go. “Sorry,” Serena said. “Listen, I want to make a movie, and I thought you could help me, you know, with the cameras and stuff, since you take film.” Blair glanced at Kati and Isabel, who were quietly sipping milk behind her. Then she smiled up at Serena, and shook her head. “Sorry, I can't,” she said. “I've got activities every single day after school. I don't have time.” “Oh, come on, Blair,” Serena said, grabbing Blair's hand. “Remember, we always wanted to do this. You wanted to be Audrey Hepburn.” Blair removed her hand and folded her arms across her chest, glancing at Isabel and Kati again. “Don't worry, I'll do all the work,” Serena added hastily. “All you have to do is show me how to use the camera and the lighting and stuff.” “I can't,” Blair insisted. “Sorry.” Serena pursed her lips to keep them from trembling. Her eyes seemed to be growing larger and larger, and her face was turning splotchy. Blair had seen this transformation in Serena many times as they grew up together. Once, when they were both eight, they had walked the three miles from Serena's country house into the town of Ridgefield to buy ice cream cones. Serena stepped out of the ice cream shop with her triple strawberry cone with chocolate sprinkles and bent down to pet a dog tied up outside. All three scoops fell splat into the dirt. Serena's eyes had grown huge and her face looked like she had the measles. The tears had just started to roll, and Blair was about to offer to share her cone with Serena, when the shop owner came out with a fresh cone for her. Seeing Serena on the verge of tears once more touched something deep inside of Blair, like an involuntary impulse. “Um. But we're going out on Friday,” she told Serena. “Drinks around eight at the Tribeca Star, if you want to come.” Serena took a deep breath and nodded. “Just like old times,” she said, staving off her tears and attempting a smile. “Right,” Blair said. She made a note in her mental PalmPilot to tell Nate not to come out on Friday now that Serena was coming. Blair's new plan was to knock back a few drinks with Serena at the Tribeca Star, leave early, go home, fill her room with candles, take a bath, and wait for Nate to come. And then they'd have sex all night long to romantic music. She'd already burned a sexy CD to play while they did it. Even the best-bred girls resort to cheesy things like burning CD mixes when they're losing their virginity. The bell rang and the girls went their separate ways to class; Blair to her AP Academic-Achievers afternoon, and Serena to her plain old Kraft-American-Slices classes. Serena couldn't believe she had just been rejected not once but twice in the last ten minutes. And as she gathered her books from her locker, she tried to come up with a new plan of action. She wasn't going to give up. Her picture wasn't on the side of a bus for nothing. westsider's romantic dream up in smoke Vanessa skipped the first five minutes of Calculus to call Daniel on his cell phone. She knew he had Study Hall fourth period on Thursdays, and he was probably hanging out outside, reading poetry and smoking cigarettes. A girl was using Constance's pay phone in the hallway by the stairs, so Vanessa slipped outside to the pay phone on the corner of Ninety-third Street and Madison. The lower-school boys were playing dodgeball in the Riverside Prep School courtyard, so when his cell phone rang, Dan was sitting on a park bench in the traffic island in the middle of Broadway. He'd just cracked open L'Etranger, by Albert Camus, which he was reading in French class that term. Dan was psyched. He'd already read the English translation, but it felt especially cool to read the French original, especially while sitting outside drinking bad coffee and smoking a cigarette in the middle of noisy, smelly Broadway. It was very hard-core. As people walked past in a hurry to get somewhere, Dan felt aloof and removed from the chaos of everyday life, just like the guy in the book. Dan had dark circles under his eyes because he hadn't been able to sleep the night before. All he could think about was Serena van der Woodsen. They were starring in a movie together. They were even going to kiss. It was too good to be true. Poor dude, he had that right. His cell phone was still ringing. “Yeah?” Dan said, answering it. “Hey. It's Vanessa.” “Hey.” “Listen, I have to make it quick. I just wanted you to know that I told Marjorie she has the part,” Vanessa said quickly. “You mean Serena,” Dan said, flicking his ash and taking another puff of his cigarette. “No, I mean Marjorie.” Dan exhaled and clenched the phone tightly. “Wait. What are you talking about? Marjorie, with the red hair and the gum?” “Yes, that's right. I haven't got their names mixed up,” Vanessa said patiently. “But Marjorie stank, you can't use her!” Dan insisted. “Yeah, well, I kind of like that she stank. She's sort of rough around the edges. I think it will make it feel edgier, you know? Like, not what you'd expect,” said Vanessa. “Yeah, definitely not,” Dan sneered. “Look, I really think this is a mistake. Serena totally ruled. I don't know why you wouldn't want her. She was awesome.” “Yeah, well, I'm the director, so it's my choice. And I chose Marjorie. Okay?” Vanessa really didn't want to hear about how awesome Serena had been. “Besides, I keep hearing all these stories about Serena. I don't think she's all that reliable.” Vanessa was pretty sure that everything she'd heard was completely bogus, but it couldn't hurt to mention it to Dan. “What do you mean?” Dan said. “What kind of stories?” “Like she manufactures her own drug called S, and she has some pretty bad STDs,” Vanessa said. “I really don't want to deal with that.” “Where'd you hear that?” Dan said. “I have my sources,” she said. A bus roared up Madison on its way to the Cloisters. On the side of it was a massive photograph of a belly button. Or was it a gunshot wound? Scrawled in blue girly writing on the side of the poster was the name “Serena.” Vanessa stared after the bus. Was she losing her mind? Or was Serena really and truly everywhere? Every last bit of her? “I just don't think she's right for us,” Vanessa said, hoping Dan would come around if she used the word “us.” It was their movie, not hers. “Fine,” Dan said coldly. “So, are you coming out with me and Ruby in Brooklyn on Friday?” Vanessa asked, eager to change the subject. “Nah. I don't think so,” Dan said. “See ya.” He clicked off and tossed the phone angrily into his black courier bag. That morning his sister Jenny had stumbled into his room, her eyes all bloodshot and her hands covered in black ink, and dropped an invitation to that stupid falcon party on the floor beside his bed. He'd actually dared to think that since he was going to be Serena's costar, he might actually take her to the goddamned party. Now, that little dream was all shot to hell. Dan couldn't believe it. His one chance to get to know Serena was gone because Vanessa wanted to exercise her artistic license to make the worst film ever made. It was unbelievable. More unbelievable still was that Vanessa, queen of the alterna-rebel scene, had actually stooped to spreading rumors about a girl she barely knew. Maybe Constance was finally rubbing off on her. Oh, don't be a spoilsport. Gossip is sexy. Gossip is good. Not everybody does it, but everybody should! A bus stopped at a light right in front of him. First Dan noticed Serena's name. It was scrawled in blue, in messy girl's handwriting on a giant black-and-white poster of what looked like a rosebud. It was beautiful. a fan meets her idol Jenny was a zombie on Thursday from missing a whole night's sleep, but she'd gotten the Kiss on the Lips invitations done, and now she and Dan each had an invitation of their very own. She was starving, too, having consumed only a banana and an orange for dinner the night before. She'd even skipped her morning chocolate-chip scone. So, at lunch, Jenny wrangled two grilled cheese sandwiches and two coffee yogurts out of the Constance lunch ladies and carried her feast out into the cafeteria, hunting for a seat at a quiet table. While she ate, she had to make up the homework she'd skipped last night. Jenny chose a table in front of the wall of mirrors on the far side of the cafeteria. None of the older girls liked to eat lunch by the mirrors because it made them feel fat, so that table was always empty. Jenny put her tray down, and was about to start stuffing her face when she noticed a sign-up sheet taped to the mirror. Jenny lunged for her backpack to find a pen. She scribbled her name at the top of the list-she was the first one to sign up!-and then sat down in front of her heaping tray of food, her heart pounding. Life was full of miracles. It just got better and better. More miraculous still, Serena van der Woodsen herself was coming out of the lunch line and making a beeline for Jenny, carrying her tray. Was Serena actually going to sit with her? In person? Deep breath in, deep breath out. “Hi,” Serena said, beaming at Jenny and setting her tray down. God, she was beautiful. Her hair was the pale gold color some of the other Constance girls tried to achieve by spending four hours in the hair salon on the top floor of Bergdorf Goodman getting their highlights done. But Serena's was natural, you could tell. “Did I just see you sign up to help with my movie?” Serena asked. Jenny nodded, speechless in the presence of such greatness. “Well, you're the only one so far,” Serena sighed, sitting down across from Jenny, facing the wall of mirrors. She didn't have to worry about feeling fat when she ate. She didn't have any fat. She raised her golden eyebrows at Jenny. “So, what can you do?” Jenny poked at her grilled cheese. She couldn't believe she'd gotten two sandwiches. Serena probably thought she was a disgusting pig. “Well, I'm pretty artistic. I did the school hymnals, you know, in calligraphy? And I've got some photographs in Rancor this year, and a short story,” Jenny explained. Rancor was Constance's student-run arts magazine. Vanessa Abrams was the editor. “Oh, and I just did the invitations for that big party next week that everyone's going to,” Jenny said, eager to impress. “Blair Waldorf asked me to do them. Actually . . .” Jenny reached into her bag and pulled out an envelope with Serena's name printed on it in ornate calligraphy. “The guest list Blair gave me still had your boarding school address. I was going to put it in your locker or something,” Jenny said, blushing. “But now that you're here . . .” She handed the envelope to Serena. Do I sound like a stalker? Jenny wondered. “Thanks,” Serena said, taking the envelope. She opened it and read the invitation inside, her eyes dark, her forehead creased in a frown. Oh, God. She thinks it's ugly! Jenny thought, panicking. Serena put the invitation in her bag and picked up her fork again, looking distracted. She took a bite of lettuce and chewed on it. Jenny was taking mental notes on how to act as mysterious, poised, and cool as Serena was acting at that very moment. If only she could have heard the livid thoughts in Serena's head, railing against Blair. She didn't want me to come to the party. She didn't even tell me there was a party. “Wow,” Serena said finally, still munching her lettuce. “Okay, you're hired.” She held out her hand and smiled sweetly at Jenny. “I'm Serena,” she said. “I know,” Jenny said, blushing even redder. “I'm Jenny.” Disclaimer: All the real names of places, people, and events have been altered or abbreviated to protect the innocent. Namely, me.hey people! S AND B: HOT IN THE HOT TUB! This just in from an anonymous source: Apparently, back when they were still tight, S and B shared a hot hot-tub moment together in C's suite in the Tribeca Star. Was the kiss an expression of their true feelings for each other? Or were they just messing around like two silly drunk girls? Either way, it definitely adds a little tension to the mix. What fun!And in case you haven't seen the poster plastered on all the buses, taxis, and subways all over town, the original photo of S can still be seen at the Whitehot Gallery in Chelsea, amidst portraits of other notorious scenesters, myself included. That's right! The Remi brothers were just too sexy to resist. The fabulous are fabulous for a reason, people. Your E-mail Dear Gossip Girl,?I won't tell you who I am, but I'm in the Remi brothers show too. I really love their work, and I love the picture they took of me, but no way would I let them put it on the side of a bus. If you ask me, S is asking for whatever she gets. And from what I'm hearing, she's getting it.?-Anonomy Dear Anonomy, ?It's cool to be modest, but personally, if you wanted to put any bit of me on the side of a bus, I'd be willing. I'm a fame whore.?-GG SIGHTINGS Little J buying a huge book on filmmaking at Shakespeare and Co. on Broadway. N hanging out with C at a bar over on First Avenue. Guess N wants to keep his eye on C so C doesn't spill the beans, huh? And B buying lots of candles in a shop on Lex for her big night with N. That's all for now. Have fun this weekend-I definitely will.You know you love me, tribeca star The Star Lounge in the Tribeca Star Hotel was big and swanky, filled with comfy armchairs and ottomans and circular banquettes, so that the guests could feel like they were having their own private party at each table. One wall was lit with dozens of black candles, flickering in the dimly lit room, and a DJ was playing mellow lounge beats on a turntable.

He shouted word back to others of his fleet — word that was passed back until it had reached them all — directing them to run alongside the strangers and board them, for with his two hundred craft and his eight or ten thousand warriors he evidently felt equal to overcoming the fifty vessels of the enemy, which did not seem to carry over three thousand men all told.

He fed her a bit of fish and she returned to her lounge, closing her eyes. “She knows suthin’ ’s happened,” said Uncle William, “Her mind’s going round and round.”

  "Throw him overboard!""I know a better way to punish him for that ghastly joke.""How?""Take the food away from him, tie him up and make him watch useat," was the answer.

It was sixteen years since the night of the ball in India when Mrs. Greaves had twisted her ankle, and had sat on the dais with the wife of a senior civilian discussing the unfortunate domestic affairs of Captain and Mrs. Coventry.


1."I wouldn't like to ask for myself, but I don't mind asking for you."



"That leads to the village. You will see, Mr. Ropes, that I was right about his plans."


Chapter One




The blood surged to his brain; he clutched the table as though he would squeeze the wood to pulp; before his eyes rose a mist—a red mist—the red of blood. Slowly this mist cleared away, and the face and form of Natzi loomed up 69before him—Natzi, with patient, boyish eyes, smiling.


“Yes, the House of Commons still remains rather at the opposite pole to the Kingdom of Heaven as regards entrance qualifications,” observed Lady Caroline.

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The word “facts” is, in some ways, crucial. I have spoken with Jesuits and Plymouth Brethren, mathematicians and poets, dogmatic republicans and dear old gentlemen in bird’s-eye neckcloths; and each understood the word “facts” in an occult sense of his own. Try as I might, I could get no nearer the principle of their division. What was essential to them, seemed to me trivial or untrue. We could come to no compromise as to what was, or what was not, important in the life of man. Turn as we pleased, we all stood back to back in a big ring, and saw another quarter of the heavens, with different mountain-tops along the sky-line and different constellations overhead. We had each of us some whimsy in the brain, which we believed more than anything else, and which discoloured all experience to its own shade. How would you have people agree, when one is deaf and the other blind? Now this is where there should be community between man and wife. They should be agreed on their catchword in “facts of religion,” or “facts of science,” or “society, my dear”; for without such an agreement all intercourse is a painful strain upon the mind. “About as much religion as my William likes,” in short, that is what is necessary to make a happy couple of any William and his spouse. For there are differences which no habit nor affection can reconcile, and the Bohemian must not intermarry with the Pharisee. Imagine Consuelo as Mrs. Samuel Budget, the wife of the successful merchant! The best of men and the best of women may sometimes live together all their lives, and, for want of some consent on fundamental questions, hold each other lost spirits to the end.

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